And in the begining….

All stories have a beginning, all journeys, all quests, all ideas and motivations start somewhere. I’ve been having this crazy notion that I want to return to my Catholic roots, which is strange because I have been an atheist for 20 years and am unlikely to believe in a god ever again (not as I once did when I was a child). I’ve decided to write about this experience, and catalog my path along this twisted quest to discover religious philosophy and engage it for the betterment of my self and a deepening of wisdom through ancient teachings and understandings. I am looking to do this WITHOUT worshiping a god I can’t even begin to believe in! And so if you are reading this and following along, then in a sense you are holding my hand as I experience religion again after 20 years of other pursuits.

I named the blog after a Monty Python song, “Every Sperm is Sacred”, which is famous from a scene in their movie “The meaning of Life.” Please, let me explain…. I was raised Roman Catholic, I went to parochial schools, including an all girls boarding school run by nuns. I was very, very Catholic as a young lady, and seemed to outgrow it as I aged. I always thought this song was hilarious, since I’m pro-choice, pro gay marriage, pro-do-whatever-you-want-just-do-it-with-adult-consent has been my motto for a long time, even while Catholic I still believed in feminism, birth control, abortion, gay and trans rights, and lots of other things that don’t jibe well with the church. I was in some ways a rebellious Catholic, but I know that I wasn’t the only one and still am not. At some point, I decided the church was too full of hypocrisy, and I stepped away for good.

Now that I’m 41 years old, I know for a fact that any time people organize, there is hypocrisy. The church doesn’t scare me anymore as it once did. And god is now totally demystified and holds no power over my ‘after life’ or whatever, I just plain don’t believe in any gods as anthropomorphized beings really deciding my fate, or having anything to do with my life at all. I don’t believe in hoo doo from other religions either, but I do enjoy good philosophy and am always looking to improve my life with special people and ideas. So, I thought, I’m going to check this out again, I’m going to return to the Catholic church! I have no idea what lays waiting for me, and I feel certain that I won’t be susseptable to any sort of religious brainwashing, and so I will explore this part of my youth again, as a mature woman, and for the first time, share my story through a blog. I thank you for joining me on this path, I hope my story will inspire you to dig into your own roots and rediscover that everything old is new again!


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